Life is going good

>The last few days have been a real roller-coaster for me. Have been braving the hot sun and the excessively humid atmosphere, working long and hard at office and finally rediscovering some love for engg in the process and still trying to get out of the awe that I am engulfed in – the sheer magnamity of this place.

I have been visiting the shopping malls, departmental stores and Indian restaurants which are aplenty here, checking out prices and comparing them to decide places to buy from. Also next month is going to be kadki for me since money going for rent, buying preliminary sustainable items and also to pay for my airline ticket back to India. Office has been going good and I am now assigned to work on an oil and gas project to simulate and study the adequacy of a water network system !!!!!!! Now that is some real engg…..

Also I have been lucky enough to find some nice seniors and colleagues in my department who are very helpful. After office, I, Shraddha and Vikas have a nice time walking down the really huge streets here – be it to search for a new place to stay or for having a quick meal or simply just like that..

Back home, I have learnt how difficult it is to be a room-maker – forget being a homemaker. Having to wash clothes, keep all things in place, being disciplined, punctual, neat and regular are things which I casually put to rest while being at time. Now, I realised how difficult it is be M-O-T-H-E-R !!!!!!

I am also learning to manage finances – something which my father and CA brother were in complete control of when I was at home. This is something new and I feel I am managing it well. Ofcourse, I started calculating how the expenses are going, how much is left, what are the necessities to be fulfilled etc. etc.

I am also trying to find a special place for all the special gifts given to me before I came here – the nice pen-stand and glass showpiece by Namrata G and Prajakta, the beautifully written greeting card by Namrata S, the absolutely wonderful Notebook and pencil box gifted by Akshat, Sachin and other TS friends and lastly but not the least, the wonderful songs ka CD from Pady which I hope to listen as soon as I buy my MP3 player. These are really special gifts which make life really nice and I hope to make my room a better place to live in 🙂

Still exploring the place, plan to visit Dubai soon and hope to get my residence visa in a months’ time after which I can directly fly to Abu Dhabi, can have an official net connection and most importantly, can fly my parents on their first ever flight and first trip to a foreign country…Things slowly but surely are coming true.


3 thoughts on “Life is going good

  1. >Nice to see things settling down..:)Hope u are now en”gulfed” into ur work completely..makes u feel nostalgic but u need to find a home away from home:)Best !

  2. >arvind nice to see you settling in the new place so quickly. just a week has passed and you have done so many things. all the things that you took for granted all these years are getting your prime attention. amma’s continuous advices and the discipline inculcated in you, which you disliked at times, are finally helping you. I am proud of you, my son. all my blessings and best wishes..

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