Faith & Destiny

>Life has been very interesting here. I found all the south Indian people in my office speak very sweetly to me as if they were my closest friends or relatives!!!
I saw Indians lining up outside a restaraunt having a TV set when the test matches against WI were going on and was left dumbfounded to see the lady owner of the restaurant ask somebody by how much India were following on and predict whether they would manage to draw the test match or not !!!!! Now that was something which I will take as a really special memory when I go back home..

Now-a-days, after coming back home, I play (or rather try to play) Scrabble with the 5 yr old son of my flat owner. The zeal, enthusiasm and energy though tinged with the lack of understanding shown by him amazes me and reinvigorates my faith as to why we need a top-notch education system to retain children who have such tremendous potential and prevent them from going “astray”. Work has been really demanding on me and literally the project that I have been made to work on will take some 2-3 months to finish and I am actually packed with work !!!!!! At the same time, I also observed the detailed way work is done in reality and frankly speaking, too much of learning in great academic institutions with little or not application is rubbish. That way it has been good and I share a good rapport with my boss as well 🙂

Food has been good here but I miss home food badly. Fridays are off for everybody and it would be disastrous to venture out on a friday morning in the hot sun. The remaining time is spent scourging the shopping malls here with my friends to check out gifts, items, chocolates and other things which I would most pleasurably have to take back home for a host of friends and relatives next month and that too from my first salary – It is indeed a momentuous occasion for me !!!!!

I am missing out on somebody like Hrishi or Mohit with whom I could have spent the weekend travelling far and wide instead of having to think about working overtime(simply ridiculous) as one of my colleagues suggested. People at times just do not realise how much more they can do with their lives really – if they just sit down and think about it !!!!!! Agreed this is a hot place, transportation is a headache, life is as yet transient but still……I soon hope to look for some place where they play sports, hope to leave office earlier and earlier by finishing my work faster and faster and reserve my energy to explore this new place, meet new people and capture new moments in life.

and Yes, today, I got my first salary and immediately i withdrew some amount from it 😛 – Wow, it’s a special feeling and you just know you deserve it thoroughly.
I am looking forward to getting back home in August to meet a special friend who is extremely stubborn, adamant and as per me, has the guts to go out and achieve what most people feel unsure about. See u soon then..