Coming back home

>Yes, finally, I am coming back home – India surely has been on my mind from the time I came here and it feels so good to be coming back even thought it is only for 3 days.

Firstly, there is the convocation to attend. Then all the gifts which have been purchased from my hard-earned money to be distributed to so many friends, relatives and ofcourse, my parents. I am not a shopping person at all but I spent 3 full weeks and made list after list in trying to think what to buy for whom !!!!!

At the end of it, I really feel happy with the choices I made as to what would suit whom. Also there is the pleasant feeling in giving back what I myself got as gifts from my relatives coming from foreign land when I was a child. Abu Dhabi has just too many things to buy and you are just kept wishing you had all the money in the world.

Back home, it’s raining a lot and that is sure to spoil my homecoming though I secretely am wanting to get wet in the rains – after all, it rains only for 2 days max in Abu Dhabi in an year. Then there are plans after plans which I have been busy making both in the short and long run.

Ofcourse, I am just waiting to meet my friends. Hrishi and Mohit would be coming for convocation as well. Bhagyesh, Santosh and some other friends have gone to US/ taken up jobs and I wish them all the best wherever they go and whatever they do. Just wish that life comes a full circle again and we all get to come together some time in life – Just wish we all remain the children that we were and never become overly formal and time-conscious (typical traits of elders). People who say “I have no time” are the biggest liars in the world and simply need to look into themselves as to where they are going wrong. The greatest of the great people had only 24 hrs in a day and if there is a will on one’s part, one can achieve a lot without sacrificing on the innocence, innovation and beauty that every child is endowed with.

On my part, I know I can go any length to achieve something if I truly want to. Maybe it was the lucks of fortune that I got to work in this MNC and staying and working here just makes you feel you can achieve just about anything and everything. Ambition has been sky-rocketing for me in the last 1.5 months – quite the opposite to what I was at IIT. Partly this is because I have to make my own decisions here and nobody tells me what is impossible and what is not. I really feel unhinhibited and surely sky seems to be limit for me now – or is it? Just feel that I am returning to the same person that I was for a while in my school days – extremely rebellious, “dissatisified” and ambitious.

Work-wise as well, I am in better control now and am learning things faster. Things can only go one way from here – and I am dictating it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Coming back home

  1. >heyllo shastry 🙂 …so ur back 🙂 .. good man ! did not expect u ! ..sounds like ..u are having a gr8 time in the job .. good to hear ! ..chalo ..cya

  2. >so, now just two more days and you would be here. god, i have still to buy a gift for you…. neways, i shifted to my hostel today. not only you, even we are making so many plans about ur coming to india. but, my office is surely going to play a spoil sport. my sunday off has been cancelled and there would be a late night work on saturday. but, don’t worry, i would meet you as soon as you land on this beautiful country. bye till then….

  3. >welcome back to india shastry… and its wonderful to see u filled again with so much optimism..!! looking forward to seeing u within the next 24 hrs….

  4. >”Coming Back Home”…. wish I could say the same soon too…..Hey brother, I know I haven’t replied to any of your posts, but mark my words, when I do write, it will be well worth the wait!Enjoy your few days off with family and friends. Get dreanched in the rains too… cos that’s something you won’t be able to experience in the desert very often!Tata!Meher

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