To Mom and my dear friends..

>This blog is not to write about my experiences. It is for the small yet significant contributions made by the people around which I so conveniently forget at most times.

MOM – God alone knows the number of times I have shouted at her for almost anything and everything in life. She is like my frustration-sink. For all the disappointments meted out by other people and circumstances, poor mom had to cop it all from me. So let me take this opportunity to thank her – and go beyond it.

I rate Mom ahead of even GOD. Whatever I am doing today is for my mom first before anyone else. I have strong dreams for her and will go any length to accomplish it – no matter what. Despite all the distant relatives and friends I have here and the activities I participate in – loneliness is definitely creeping in. In this context, I can never forget the effort she put in sending me my childhood photographs by post. I simply broke down after looking at all those happy moments of life enjoyed during my childhood days. I realised it was important to be good with people around me – and more importantly to balance optimism, expectation and ambition in life.

I must say I have enjoyed very few but extremely deep and long-lasting friendships in my short life so far. Which is why I keep my standards for friendship very very high. I am sad with the way I spoke in a very insensitive fashion to (most definitely) my best friend, Namrata Srivastava. I vented some of my frustration on Sachin and Padmanabh – I realised soon that I have a certain perspective and expectation from life and people but cannot expect everyone to be like that. I think in a certain fashion from the position where I am but forget that others are not in the same position. I hate disappointing ppl and hate to receive disappointments as well.

I know this is a crucial stage for all my friends – building career and lives. I wish them all the best in their personal endeavours and would like to tell them that I am always there to help them in whatever manner possible.

I learnt to keep doing what you do without ever expecting the fruits of my action, without worrying about the results – Just keep doing what is right and preferably also good and forget about the rest. Somewhere what you do and what you express will hit somebody like an arrow and you won’t believe what is to follow next..

5 thoughts on “To Mom and my dear friends..

  1. >Hats off to you arvind for so selflessly pouring your heart out.You are absolutely right, coz sooner or later whatever you do right or wrong will come back to you.Nishfal Karma. Karma Kar Phal Ke Apeksha Naa Kar.Cheerio !!! It was touching.

  2. >very true… how easily we take some people forgranted in our lives. We simply forget that our success or happy moments never come only due to our individual efforts, hundreds of people have contributed for this. but we simply ignore them… or say we know they would never leave us so just don’t feel the need of any acknowledgment for them.after coming to mumbai, several times i thought about mumma and my relationship. she was always there for me and i did not take even a single second in leaving her alone for my dreams. why it happens? why do we think least about those, who love us the most? ur reference about frndship reminded me of another very important person in life, my dear dear dear Anu. People say, real frnd is that who could listen ur silence…. very true in my and Anu’s case. even know, she understands my whole mood in a single moment when i say ‘hello’ on phone. immediately she realises i am happy or sad. amazingly, she has a six-sigma efficiency.I never felt need of explaining any thing to anu…because she always knew what i can say and what not, being totally irrespective of the words i am using. again… look how unfortunate i am… anu was always there for me, but i am no where for her, when she is going through the worst emotional disturbance of her life… i just wish she gets all the pleasures and love of this world… even those of my part.ppl say… if u don’t have anyone, who could die for you, then you don’t have anyone you can live for whom…….look how lucky i am, i have two people to live for. well, i have written another blog for a blog’s response… but, this much liberty i can enjoy on ur blog, no… best frnd!enjoy and sharebye

  3. >wonderful post arvind… definitely expected something like this to come from you… hope u are having a great time… there is no doubt u would be successful at what you are doing but its great to know that you acknowledge all the people (specially your mom) who have helped you reach this stage in life…all the best for everything ahead..even i never realized that you were such an imp part of my life till now.. thanks for taking me through jee first and then through four years of chemical engg.. 😀

  4. >Though parents always love their kids unconditionally, kids rarely understand and acknowledges that. I respect you for your love for your Mom. She must have showered you with great amount of love to earn that praise. Keep spreading that love 🙂

  5. >Arvind, pouring ur real feelings must have made u light and human. I didn’t expect this kind of adulation from u and am very touched by it. In the future also, I shall be supportive and helpful to u.Right from ur childhood, u have always been a sweet, sincere, good and obedient boy. But some bad experiences and disillusionment in the middle have left a bitter taste and anger in u, which I can understand perfectly. That is the reason, I can take in all ur anger easily.As a mother, I know very well that you are a Diamond, which needs some the right cuts and good polishing. Pray God and ur own efforts will help u to shine bright in the future and realise all ur dreams and ambitions.Don’t forget ur Dad’s and brother’s support also in many ways in ur life.Learn to control ur anger and see any situation/problem from other’s perspective also.We are all just humans with our own flaws and weaknesses. Any human being and the relationships would continue to change thru out the lifetime. So pl don’t misjudge or conclude anything easily.WISHING U A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THIS DAY AND A LIVELY FUTURE AS WELL.I shall always be Proud about u.Love and Blessings – Mom

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