>I could not find a better title to put but now-a-days surprisingly I have got hooked on to watching this TV serial on Star Plus. Am posting my favourite episode here – especially with the song “Mitwa” from KANK in the background. I really wondered if people could be crazy enough to post videos on youtube. This is just for the people who think they are crazy enough!!!!

Somewhere the innocent way in which the love story is brought out makes the serial worth watching. I have a craze for these innocent love stories which very few movies or serials ever portray. Shubangi Atre dazzles in her role as Kasturi not so much for her acting skills as much for that innocent smile and it’s really hard to imagine she’s actually a mother of an 18 month old daughter in real life!!! Hope you enjoy watching it.


Another b’ful scene..


News story by Star News –




8 thoughts on “Kasturi

  1. >@ pady : hehehe… no use Pady. Iska ab kuch nahi ho sakta.. isko ultimately wo ‘saas- bahu’ chaska lag gaya hai.. he is literally mad about this serial and almost everyday, tells me what the episode was all about (that too you know… with dialogues, songs and expressions!!!!!)

  2. >I think you all missed an important line in the blog which is “This is just for the people who think they are crazy enough”. Waise I know the serial is by ekta kapoor. That is the only tragedy about it!! I really wished the same serial could be produced and directed by someone else!! 🙂

  3. >I take back my blog. I take it back, back, back….Oh God!! Only Ekta Kapoor knows how to kill people without even touching a person!! just by making them watch her serials!!!

  4. >Hey arvind.. u in love ka chakar….. I thought u r really focussed and stay away from these things… I always think of you as seedha sadha and sharif bachhha but……Ha ha ha… hows life out der…

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