Hrishi and me..

>So another day has come to an end. Indeed, one year can be a long time especially when you go through some lull periods in life. One year is all it takes for two people to go in vastly different directions!!!

Two lives could not have been more coincidental than what has been the case with myself and one of my best friends, Hrisheekesh Sabnis. We were in the same school, St. Francis D’Assisi High School. I came to know him when I was in Std VII as we used to board the same bus (bus no. 207) to go home. Those were the days of heated competition where comparision between the toppers of each division used to fly thick and fast. But it wasn’t until Std X that I came to know him better since only then the teachers stood up to take notice of the possible candidates who could make it to the merit list!!! I had shifted my division from H to C and now the competition with Hrishi was even more direct – he was till then the topper in div C!!! If I remember correctly, I had stood first in the class in our first unit test where Hrishi was second; we swapped our positions for the terminal exam and I managed to stood second in the school in our prelims in our school in which Shreyans stood first. Hrishi managed to come 2nd in the school in the Std X board exams and I stood 7th. At that time, I never thought we would land up in the same college and same classes again!!

I called up Hrishi during our vacations and came to know he had joined some classes for IIT-JEE. I soon joined it and thus began was to be a long partnership with Hrisheekesh Sabnis. Consistently I found he was simply damn good at maths and the ease with which he cracked problems left me with a serious inferiority complex. Despite all that, I pushed him hard to help me out with my Maths and he never left any stone unturned. We joined the same classes for Std XII and used to constantly find ourselves solving problems at Andheri station in between shuttling between our IIT and Std XII classes. When our Std XII results were declared, I guess Hrishi had got just 1 mark less in PCM (Please forgive me Hrishi if I have misplaced our marks :D)

After two years of real hard work, I still fondly remember the happiness on our faces on the morning of June 2nd, 2002 when we both cleared our JEE exams and still we weren’t much far away from each other – I was at rank 678 while Hrishi got 850. Again I didn’t know what fate has decided for both of us!!Call it a quirk of fate and where Hrishi had almost applied for aerospace engg at IIT Bombay while I had applied for Mechanical engg at IIT Madras, which both of us would have got for sure, we still found ourselves joining B.Tech. Chemical Engg at IIT Bombay thanks to a certain chap called Durgesh Mangeshkar!!!!!

4 years at IIT Bombay were soon to be a roller-coaster ride of our own – in all respects, be it completing assignments, mugging for exams, having late-night rounds of the canteen!!! The first two years, Hrishi sailed clear of me and especially in the 4th semester where he cracked 9.42 on 10 with ease, I guess some complacency got hold of him..By now more popularly now as Mota, Hrishi was “enjoying” chem engg. like nothing before. He had a fantastic trip to Europe in the summer of 2005 for his internship while I spent my hours slogging in a plant in Sriperumbudur to earn what I can proudly call my first salary – Rs. 8000 per month!!! The last two years, we spent a considerable amount of time studying for our common courses esp on the nights before our exams!!! By the time, placements arrived, we were almost in the same boat of academically categorized students!!!

The “studs” in our college got placed soon and PhD was looking like a distant oasis for our dear Hrishi. Then came yet another big moment in our lives – in the wee hours of 16th June, 2006 when Hrishi and Mohit came running to my room where I had already fallen asleep to announce that both myself and Hrishi had got into Modelytics!!! I simply couldn’t believe how two people can study in the same school, same junior college, same classes, same branch of engineering with nearly similar kind of academic record and now we cracked the first job of our lives in the same company!!!!!

Well, life could not be more coincidental after all and soon I found myself joining an engg company in Abu Dhabi while Hrishi flew down to Bangalore in the June of 2006. Our experiences probably became much different at this time – Hrishi prepared for CAT while I spent my time visiting new places!!!

Infact, it might well have been Hrishi would have joined my company but something more beautiful and exciting came along – he got calls from all 6 IIMs!!! I truly felt proud of him at the moment and felt happy for him. Then finally after lot of trials and tribulation came yet another feather-capping moment in his life – he got into the presitigious IIM-A on April 20th, 2007. He was destined to go places which he will surely go. I met him when I came to India in May and it simply felt so nice!! Ofcourse, he’s not going to forget the treat he gave us at Hilton Towers!!! πŸ™‚

It cannot be more poignant that Hrishi joined IIM-A on June 21st, the same day I completed one year in my office!!! Sometimes, I wonder what role destiny plays in all our lives, how so many things conspire to take us to an unimaginable position in life with or without our knowledge!! When we look back, we begin to feel,”So near yet so far” not truly in terms of opportunities or success but in terms of parallels in life itself!!!

All the best, Hrishi. You are on your way to achieving a lot of success. The best part about you is that I can call you, meet you and talk to you in the way I want – so what if you become the CEO of some of the biggest companies of this world :)!! This blog is specifically dedicated to you without whom I could not have managed to experience so many wonderful moments in life!!

7 thoughts on “Hrishi and me..

  1. >Hrishi and you.. both are extremely lucky to get each other, as friends.. may God bless you both and you share many happier moments of life together.. :)a different and refreshing post

  2. >mom said…Wow arvind, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post on “Hrishi and me”. It is good to walkdown the memory lane and recall those precious moments that you shared with him right from the school days until now.God willing, such beautiful moments may be awaiting both of you in the future also. Here is wishing Hrishi lots of goodluck for his future and long lasting camaraderie between you 2 in the future also

  3. >Amazing to know how you have recollected events on such a long time-line with precise dates! You have always been two of my best friends since we came together in the Summer of 2000 and its always great to see both of you accomplish big tasks no matter where you are! Great going my friends, good luck and God Bless! πŸ™‚

  4. >nice post buddy,so weird it feels to let nostalgia invade ones mind again… but isnt the story just begun yet…. surely there is plenty more which is still hidden behind that temptingly opaque vail of time…

  5. >@Arvind…Could you have imagined that it would take so long for me to comment on a blog that was specially dedicated to me?! Such a beautiful recollection of the past days when your presence in life was something very much taken for granted… I look back at those days and wonder how fast time flew by and now we are just meeting each other on YM or GTalk.. Life here at WIMWI has been quite hectic and i have also realized that I can stay away from Orkut (or in fact the internet itself) and my mobile phone for days together! And have got to mug a lot these days yaar.. Teri bahut yaad aati hai.. Kaash tu hota idhar toh padhne mein aasani hoti!:D And what more! I have started reaching class at least five minutes in advance… πŸ™‚ Well, that apart, here are a few corrections to the facts that you have stated:1. I stood first in the 1st unit test of std X (in fact i was first in the entire school; i even remember bruno calling me to his office) whereas I was way behind in the terminal exams (a slide from 91% to 82%.. bruno had given me a nice scolding).2. In 12th standard, I was three marks behind you in PCM but overall ahead by 4 marks πŸ˜€ Those ten days from May 22 to June 2 were really horrible yaar.. IIT mein nahi hota to kya hota? 3. You got that 9.42 bang on! 4. The results for IIMA were out on 27th April.. Can’t forget that day.. It was like the 2nd of June 2002.. Just that I was working in office in Bangalore rather than at home in Mumbai.. And of course, call me, meet me or talk to me any time of the day (or night).. And expect the same from me too.. :P@uncle and aunty..Thanks for your wishes.. Your blessings and efforts have always been an inspiration for us..@bhagyesh..Both me and arvind looked back at the June last year when we all had met together at National Park… A great feeling that you are now the first guy amongst us to have a masters degree… πŸ˜€

  6. >A really intriguing post about your endearing partenership whose longevity would do the best of relationships very proud…But hey..I still hold on to what I say..u will thank your stars one day for the fact that you had to stay back a year (or whatever time it takes u)here in Abu Dhabi (Of course if u crib coz of my nonsense…thats beyond my scope..!! :D)I reckon you & ur friend would end up meeting at some crossroads that life throws up…& it is then that you would appreciate the fact that providence has given both of u distinct experiences to learn from & share with each other..!! :-)Enough said…hurry up…I am hungry..!!!!!

  7. >Hey Arvind,It was really gr8 to relive the wonderful moments of hrishi and your friendship and u hv narrated them in a very touching manner. I have been testimony to ur long-standing friendship rt from school days.I wish both of u great happiness and success in future. May God bless u and may u have the same camaraderie always!!

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