That special something..

>A very well-written article for all the cricket afficionados –

I could really feel the words spoken by the principal of St. Joseph. It’s a very proud feeling to see one of your own students go on to lead India at the ground which is widely regarded as the home of cricket.

Time out…

>Tired, exhausted but still wishing to write 🙂

The last month has been pretty forgettable with I locking myself up into some make-believe world of simulations and deliverables!! Suddenly, when I got some free time, I realised I was a human and had to live like one as well 😀

Well, sometimes I find it amazing to see people come in day in and day out in the same dress – sometimes all 7 days a week to the same office, the same desk handling the same job!! Indeed, I thought I was more intelligent when I cleared JEE but since then I have learnt one more thing. Which is that it’s necessary to be qualified preferably from a world-class institution to be employed in a reputed organisation with a fat salary!! That, ofcourse, may mean that you would have to spend long hours at work, handle greater responsibilities and even learn new things.

But sometimes when you take time out to reflect back on what you are doing (that too especially while you are listening to the songs by Enya), you feel like leaving this world, your job looks silly to you – just another day where you earned so much of money and, ofcourse, in the process, ended up speaking to some different people, preparing some nice excel or word documents or in the case of MBA grads, powerpoint presentations with some nice looking graphs or tables!!!

One may accuse me of being too pessimistic about my job but really that is not true. What determines how optimistic one is about his or her job is one’s general motivation in life, one’s goals, dreams and aspirations. As long as your job plays a role in fulfilling a part of that aspiration, you stick to it. For some people, this period may be long enough – sometimes even as long as 30-40 yrs of dedicated service wherein they change a few companies and jump a few levels in the process!!!!!

But what if that too is not enough as is the case with some people!!! What if there is something radically different waiting to happen in your life, what if you so much wish that were achieved in your life and you are using you job only a support to meet your real ends!!! So, as long as the job supports that purpose, you continue, keeping an eye on how other things are shaping in your life as well!!

Money, I realised, was important but not most necessary atleast. After all, the money has to be put to better use than investing in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, properties or the like!! Ofcourse, this importance will again differ from person to person. Most like to see their money multiply, some like it to even do better – grow exponentially. There might be a chosen few who are wanting their money to be multiplied so that one day they can divide it effectively!!! Yes, there are other driving forces – the forces of unimaginable dreams, a desire for excellence – a desire which goes beyond the parlance of degrees or jobs. In some cases, this desire has not much to do with financial benefit or monetary gain or even popular recognition. It has more to do with what you wanted to do and what you did without the knowledge or attention of others.

What does it mean to experience in a single moment – joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, anger, hatred, obsession, love, passion, ecstasy, humility, thrill, excellence, godliness !!! – well, almost every single human emotion that is known to mankind!!!
Some such moments exist, waiting to be fulfilled!!! The price of such a moment – priceless!!!!