Taare Zameen Par…

>There are some movies which you go to watch with a lot of expectation and anticipation. And when the movie delivers more than what you expect, you know that it has surpassed everything. Five minutes into this film, I felt that this movie is something completely out of this world!!!

It is indeed pitiful that you need a movie about children to sensitize people towards them. All talks about economic development, alleviation of poverty, decreasing unemployment seem worthless if we are unable to give children their childhood. The days seem long lost when children used to go out, play, draw, keep jumping up and down and running around with lots of excitement. What our society has set out to produce is a bunch of straight-jacketed robots who are armed with the ability to survive the pulls and pressures in this world. It’s even sadder that the adults justify what is happening by saying that it is an essential quality needed to succeed in this world. This movie is virtually a slap on the face of the adults in this society – parents, teachers, politicians, policy-makers, businessmen, academicians – everyone. It will shown them their true nature as if they were looking at their own reflections in the mirror.

I am sure that each one of you would identify with atleast portions of Ishaan’s character as we all have been through similar experiences in life. The days when we enjoyed jumping in puddles of water without any worry about dirtying our clothes, when we used to play with the dogs in our building compound treating them as our best pals, when we enjoyed playing in the rains, when we simply refused to sit down to do our homework!!! If someone has not experienced some of the above or has forgotten that this is how we used to be, he or she should walk out of the cinema hall as it is a futile attempt to explain to such people. It is Aamir’s honest attempt to coax parents and educationists to think about their methods of parenting, teaching and educating children. It’s essentially not a movie about a dyslexic child. It’s about every child who is born into this beautiful world with its own talents, skills, capabilities, dreams and ambitions.

I really hope that some of the parents and potential parents take something out of this movie. Also there are points to ponder for the educationists regarding the pattern that is currently followed in schools and colleges. The system of elimination is worse than the system of inclusion. What is the point if one day we only have engineers, doctors and managers? India, well and truly, will be destroyed that day and it’s time we take some rearguard action to avoid that.

The question still remains as to who would employ such students who love doing those activities which will never find any recognition in this cruel society. Maybe everyone is not born to work as analysts, engineers, scientists or accountants. There are some who need and deserve much more than organizational roles and positions which are assigned all too easily by this world based on your qualifications and work experience. If only those who were capable of cracking interviews and competitive exams were genuinely great people, we would have progressed much ahead than where we are now.

It’s unfortunate to see the society not allowing kids to live the life of a child any more. Even the cartoons shown now-a-days on TV are bull-shit as compared to what we were fed in our childhood. Greater number of tests in the form of mid-terms, surprise quizzes, end-terms, orals etc. mean little to the overall development of any individual. What is the point if after cracking all these tests, basic human qualities of honesty, selflessness, true love and altruism cease to exist in individuals?

Taare Zameen Par is a mind-blowing movie and no matter how much I write, it will end up falling short of the true worth of this movie. I just wish that this movie does not remain a must-watch movie alone. It needs to be a must-act movie like Swades. A great effort by Aamir and Amol. I must thank them for putting a story on celluloid, something which was long over-due!!

8 thoughts on “Taare Zameen Par…

  1. >Each and every word of your post speaks for itself.. absolutely true.. I can relate myself, so well with this. People have restricted themselves in a boundary and do not want to look beyond it. They have accepted this mental slavery and force those who deny this. Sometimes I think children are like flower buds. Parents are supposed to protect and nourish them, so that they can flourish well and spread their fragrance all over. But instead of letting them grow, the way God wants, parents trim and cut these buds to get fit into a vase. Its such an irony that in a country where a child is born every minute, we still have not learned how they should be reared.

  2. >Mom says…Well said, Arvind, what the movie depicts on the celluloid; ur blog goes further by sensitizing we adults with the right usage of the appropriate and touching words.I would like to add that usually the adults tend to pass on their own experiences to the children. It is this and their lack of courage to deviate from the established norms and practices; their selfishness and ego, which drives a wedge between them and the children.Just let me remind u that adults too are just ordinary humans and they too can err. Only open communication, the feeling to reach out to eachother and the acceptance of one’s mistakes can alleviate this kind of misery and help to build better relationships.This movie has been an eye-opener to all of us and let us pledge to rectify our mistakes and make this world a better place to live in, where everyone gets to recollect one’s childhood days happily and gets an equal chance to follow one’s dream till the end.

  3. >Arvind,3 years back when i got to know you and other friends from Teamswades, my joy knew no bounds. It was then, when Swades brought us together and we all have still held our hands to take its message forward in whichever way possible. During our discussions, we always disucssed Education very closely and wanted to contribute in that area. But is now, that again a movie has so simply put across the message of what education truly means. Doesn’t matter whether he is dyslexic child or not but as the movies’ tagline says ‘Every Child is Special’. Yes, the movie has touched me and many others and i hope today’s parents and today’s youth who will be tomorrow’s parents have taken a cue from this movie. Well, i don’t want to comment further much as your blog has spoken to me, the way movie has. I just want to sit back, probably watch TZP again and again and introspect to realise few things that i never did. Furthermore, it was saturday night that i saw this movie with friends (though i missed going with my parents) which was followed by your blog.I am forwarding the link of your blog to my other friends without your permission :)Arvind, i have one request, that please keep updating your blog frequently, i love reading it. One blog in two months is too less, especially, when you are staying away from home. Akshat

  4. >Your post speaks for itself. But unfortunately general people aren’t liking it. Only classes have thumbs ups. Of course I haven’t seen the movie yet, for the want of time, so I wouldn’t be able to comment more on it. But by seeing the responses, I would say a good movie should have its impact on all, including classes and masses.But music wise, its brilliant. Very unlike the new songs, good melody, great lyrics, nice singing, perfect diction, mind blowing renditions, soul stirring voices! In all, it has lovable music. Title song, and the song by Raman Mahadevan are captivating. Ishaan’s theme is also good. In all a touching and moving soundtrack!But still, somewhere it (the soundtrack) has lacunae. Impact fades away faster. Are people tending to forget good things easily? Or the good things don’t even register in their minds to forget? Where are people heading?Good work should get good recognition..After reading your post, I promise to myself I’ll not miss this movie.

  5. >My previous comment may seem different than others. For three reasons.1. I wanted to comment, to say hi! ;)2. I haven’t seen the movie, :D2. I wanted to point out something different! ;)Cheers!

  6. >Amith, to be honest, I don’t rate the greatest movies based on very average points like music, acting performance etc. The theme is sufficient for me!!

  7. >Yes, I agree Arvind! I too believe that rating the greatest movies based on average points like music, performances etc etc would do injustice to the theme.Again prompts me, I want to see this movie. 🙂

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