Nine full years……..

Today marks the 9th anniversary of I becoming an IITian. Couldn’t help but see the coincidence as I chatted with my two best IIT pals – Mohit Agarwal & Hrisheekesh Sabnis as the clock went past midnight. The feeling still is palpable as we spoke about the tension in the intervening period between our HSC results & JEE results. A day before our JEE results, Hrishi told another good friend Shyam that 2nd June 2002 will divide our lives into two parts!! Till date, I cannot think of a truer statement. I remember not sleeping at all on that eventful night!! I woke up in the morning, went for a long walk around my locality and returned back at around 8:30. Went up to my neighbour’s place as I did not have an internet connection then. I entered my registration ID and clicked that “enter” button. The next moment was a feeling that only few ppl in the world were privileged enough to savour!!

A lot has happened between then and now – some extra-ordinary and some pretty forgettable. As I am set to embark on a new journey, that moment 9 years ago brought back the zest in life, the willingness & ambition to go out and achieve one’s dreams no matter how much you are mocked at!!

Impossible truly is nothing…


5 thoughts on “Nine full years……..

  1. I guess its more about being the first achievement.. You may have achieved much later, but that which marked the beginning of being confident of yourself shall of course be etched in memory! And yeah, I feel the dreamy struggle phase is so very beautiful.. We need to have some motivations to keep the enthu alive!!

    1. You can say that since it appear so big in front of the other achievements surrounding it. Also, the outside world is not fully aware of your struggle…Sometimes, you kinda get the feeling that you did not pursue other things with the same level of passion which you showed for that one big thing!! This is where we commonly hear that “we did not do justice to our talents”. Many a times, we follow or are implicitly forced to follow what our friends / colleagues do or think. These moments help to break those shackles!!

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