Of Friendship

Returning back to Bangalore after completing the formalities of one of most difficult decisions in my life. It did not seem as difficult now as it seemed few months back.  But in my heart, I know it was the right decision to make. A lot of people advised me – Marriages are meant to be an adjustment, compromise between two individuals. The love that burns initially dies down after some time and partners learn to adjust with each other. A few are fortunate to find their partners complementing them very well. But what people tell me – 99% of marriages are otherwise. And they wanted me to continue with that reality of life instead of wishing for something more beautiful. After a long time, I decided to live for happiness instead of for society. Sometimes, in life, we just need to reverse some bad decisions to give ourselves an opportunity to live again.

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Nine full years……..

Today marks the 9th anniversary of I becoming an IITian. Couldn’t help but see the coincidence as I chatted with my two best IIT pals – Mohit Agarwal & Hrisheekesh Sabnis as the clock went past midnight. The feeling still is palpable as we spoke about the tension in the intervening period between our HSC results & JEE results. A day before our JEE results, Hrishi told another good friend Shyam that 2nd June 2002 will divide our lives into two parts!! Till date, I cannot think of a truer statement. I remember not sleeping at all on that eventful night!! I woke up in the morning, went for a long walk around my locality and returned back at around 8:30. Went up to my neighbour’s place as I did not have an internet connection then. I entered my registration ID and clicked that “enter” button. The next moment was a feeling that only few ppl in the world were privileged enough to savour!!

A lot has happened between then and now – some extra-ordinary and some pretty forgettable. As I am set to embark on a new journey, that moment 9 years ago brought back the zest in life, the willingness & ambition to go out and achieve one’s dreams no matter how much you are mocked at!!

Impossible truly is nothing…

What it feels to become a champion………

Well, nice to be blogging after a really long time. A series of unfortunate events ensured that I never got down to writing one but one incident has changed all that hopefully forever.

For someone who has followed Indian cricket in all his living memory, being crowned the World Champion in cricket was indeed special for me. It wasn’t surprising to see my batchmates at IIM Calcutta bowing themselves before the God who was carried all over the ground by much younger shoulders and to whom this trophy was proudly dedicated. Most of us have witnessed Sachin taking India to victory on numerous occasions. When he won, India won on most occasions and so did most of us. Somewhere, the young Indian generation has been sold on Sachin for the right reasons as he taught us how to fight in times of adversity and more importantly, how to become the best in the world – a title we can proudly lay claim to as we graduate from India’s top business school!!

I always believed that our parents’ generation did not understand the gravity of success nor had the desire or will to win. Ofcourse, there are exceptions but by and large, India in the last century was as good as the Indian cricket team of yesteryears. You could always have the odd Kapil Dev, a trailblazer who set off to across the seas in search of his or her destiny and more often than not did India proud. However, that feeling was yet to sink into most who lived back in India. Today, Indians in India can imbue the feeling of being or atleast becoming a champion in their own right. It’s time to break the shackles of defeat and misery which hound us more mentally than materially and prevent us from becoming a champion. As in no other domain is there a greater need for a champion than in politics. On the day when India won the Cricket World Cup, an ex-union minister was chargesheeted in the 2G spectrum scam, a rare if not the first occasion in Indian political history. Hope when the younger generation gets into leadership roles, we will witness champions ruling our country instead of sore losers!!

A lot of people were quick to give credit to MSD for his spectacular captaincy and brilliant batting in the final. However, the seeds of yesterday’s victory were sown nearly a decade ago. I still remember March 15th, 2001 when India defeated Australia in Calcutta against all odds. 10 yrs hence, I believe that was a turning point not just for Indian cricket but for India as a whole. I guess a lot of Indians would have seen their personal fortunes fluctuating with that of the Indian cricket team, which is simply amazing. Perhaps, that is what brought them out to celebrate like crazy on the night of 2nd April, 2011 when India were crowned the world champions!!!