A lesson called life…

>There are some days which you would like to delete from your life forever, days which are absolutely listless, days when you fail to find any purpose or meaning in whatever you think or do. A lot of these days happen to be just some pretty pathetic, awful days – be it in school, college, university or office!!! Often, such days take you down the memory lane to all those instances in life when you experienced such days!!! Even as you look back at all those harsh times in life, you suddenly realise that you have actually survived them all!! And so going by that trend, you will survive this period as well. You learn to smile at yourself, there is a secret confidence which lingers within yourself even when you don’t have a single shoulder to rest on!!

Living to earn money is the worst thing one can ever do in one’s life and may still be the most important thing that one may end up doing in his or her life!!! The ghosts of the past continue to haunt and prevent us from taking certain decisions which, under normal circumstances, we would not fear to take. At times, it makes us walk on a path where we are ready to sacrifice virtually everything – all our joys, our happiness, our relationships just to ensure that someone somewhere is having a sound sleep!!! Tears well in my eyes when I think about it but I still rate it as the most selfless thing one can ever do!!

Circumstances shape our nature though our inner nature might still continue to be the same. It might be heavily true in the case of some people whom it affects more than others. Still they continue to believe in themselves, compromising with their present but always living in the dream of a truly remarkable and golden future!!! Yes, some would say it’s foolishness, utter cowardliness to do so but I know for sure that some of the most “cowardly” things done in life might well end up as the most crucial!!

Still even circumstances can only be as strong and eventually, as always has been the case, tough times don’t last long but tough people do!!! Adversities will continue to produce winners in their own right no matter how ridiculous their actions and thoughts may seem!!! Sometimes, only experience and life can teach us what no teacher, no parent, nobody, nobody can teach us. And God has just found a method to keep these experiences different for different people so that they are endowed with the strength and capabilities to keep fighting off these challenges in their own ways!!! Just imagine how one-dimensional the world would be if all were born with the same level of intelligence, will-power and hard-working abilities!!!

Man has lost no opportunity to make this world unidimensional but God still manages to come up with something novel from his bag of tricks!!!